Sunday, January 20, 2013

Carlos Rosario Beach and Playa Tamarindo, Isla Culebra

If you are camping on Flamenco, you may have heard of a couple of nearby beaches where many visitors go to snorkel or get away from some of the crowds on Flamenco beach.  One of these beaches is called Carlos Rosario beach, and it is a great place to spend a day if you looking for a calmer place or if you want to experience some of the best snorkeling on the island.

The gate leading to Carlos Rosario and Tamarindo Beaches.
Carlos Rosario beach can be reached via a trail that begins at the corner far corner of the parking lot, opposite of the area where taxis pick up and drop people off.  The trail starts at a fence that is chained yet open enough for a person to easily slip through.  As the camping administrator says, pay no attention to the "warning" sign that is on the gate.  It is perfectly safe to take the trail through the forest to the beaches that lie beyond the hill.

Once you slip through the fence you will notice that the trail continues on, gradually rising in elevation.  There is a small hill that you will climb.  At the top you will be presented with an amazing view of the Atlantic ocean as well as some islands and rock outcroppings in the distance.  Once you have made it here, the rest of the journey is downhill.

The pathway to Carlos Rosario and Playa Tamarindo, Culebra.
At the bottom you are presented with two options.  The first is Playa Tamarindo.  This beach is smaller than Carlos Rosario and is a nice place to relax.  Although there are no nude beaches on Culebra, sometimes people use the private beach area that is beyond the rocks at the end of Playa Tamarindo as a nude beach area.  If you continue past the rocks you will find another private beach area that is rarely visited.  

Carlos Rosario on Isla Culebra offers amazing snorkeling.
If you continue along the main path ignoring Playa Tamarindo, you will reach the end of the trail at Carlos Rosario Beach.  This is one of the best places to snorkel on the island.  You can rent snorkeling equipment for $10 a day from some of the taxis.  Tent City also rents out snorkel equipment at the campsite.  Ask for prices. 

Playa Tamarindo can get quite busy as boat tours oftentimes take people to this beach.  The best snorkeling is found at the left side of the beach, near the beginning of the trail.  Be careful to not touch or step on the reef and do not touch any of the fish.  Stone Fish and Cone Shells can be deadly.  Also be on the lookout for Sea Urchins, which can turn a pleasant day at the beach into a painful experience.

Carlos Rosario Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico.
There are no facilities at either of these beaches.  They are, however, a great place to bring a small picnic lunch or to watch the sunset.  There are few places better to watch the sun set than on Carlos Rosario Beach.

Enjoy this short video of Carlos Rosario Beach:

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  1. Playa Tamarindo is on the South in Guanica. Playa Flamenco is on far east of the island off mainland in Culebra.