Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Kiosks at Flamenco Beach

When you arrive at Flamenco beach, you will immediately notice the cluster of food kiosks that are near the parking lot area.  These kiosks each sell a variety of foods, drinks, and sundries.  However, one thing that you may notice is that they are open rather sporadically. 

Some of the various kiosks are listed below. 



Tent City/Colmado

Here you can rent camping equipment, including tents, air mattresses, and other gear if you did not bring your own.  A tent rents for $20 a night here.  Other gear is available, and prices may fluctuate depending on the time of year. 

This kiosk also sells grocery items, such as bottled drinks, chips, candy, snorkeling gear, hammocks, body boards, hats, and the like.  If you inquire, the kiosk will make a hammock for you out of material and rope for around $25. 

Flamenco Pizza

The pizza kiosk at Flamenco beach was open rather sporadically.  Generally, this kiosk opens during lunch hours and when the beach area is busy.  They sell a variety of pizzas and sandwiches.  The large pizza is a good size for sharing with a few people.  Generally, a large will set you back around $15 after tax. 

Other Food Kiosks

The other kiosks were very similar.  Some specialize in sea food, and others in drinks and traditional dishes.  Rice and beans are sold at many of the kiosks (and prices vary, a couple charge $5 for this dish, and others charge $3).  If you are a vegetarian, you will want to ask if there is lard or any other type of meat used in making this dish.  Fried plantains, coconut water, chicken, burritos, burgers and multiple types of smoothies can easily be found. 

A closed kiosk that sells a variety of drinks.
Keep in mind that these kiosks are open at different times, and it is rare that every one will be open at the same time.  One kiosk has a happy hour from 4 to 7 PM.  This was the only food kiosk that was open after dark. 

The kiosk area is frequented by chickens, roosters, and a number of cats.  There are a good amount of tables in the kiosk area, and there are picnic areas all over the beach area.  You can easily pick up lunch to take with you to the one of the nearby beach areas. 

If you are on a budget, keep in mind that it may be cheaper to walk into town (or take a publico for $3 each way) to one of the grocery stores.  One grocery store is near the airport and is about half an hour away from the parking lot at Flamenco beach via foot.  Grocery stores sell a variety of items, including disposable camp stoves that are easy to carry.  Many people at the beach area use these to cook food.

Coconut juice can be purchased at one of the kiosks for $3 for a coconut.  However, it is possible to find a coconut and open it with a knife if you walk along the beach and look for coconut palms with coconuts growing low enough.  It is not very hard to find one, as the beach is very large and coconut palms are everywhere. 

Drinking water can be purchased at the kisoks, or if you have a bottle, you can fill it up with potable water at the nearby sink that is by the restrooms in the parking lot area.  You will notice that many long time campers fill their water this way instead of paying $1 a bottle. 


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    We plan to camp 18-22 Feb, is reservation needed? And are there any safety boxes where you can lock in valuables?
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